Yoga Retreat at Oxapampa

Beauty. Art. Love. Inspiration


Your beautiful wooden cottage in Altares de Oxapampa is set among the breathtaking pathways, plantations, and astonishing views of the town of Oxapampa, and the lush green mountains of the Yanachaga Chemillen National Park, in what is known as the high jungle of Peru.

It is a paradise within the private park Quebrada de San Luis, in the region of Pasco Peru, that is only seven minutes away from downtown Oxapampa, but that will feel like a world away. And, it is only 3.5 hours by car form the Jauja airport.

All of our meals will be vegetarian and will be prepared on site with local ingredients according to your dietary needs.


6 wonderful days

Our days will be full of lots of lots of introspection. We will doing Meditation, Yoga, our Yoga workshops, and enjoying of group activities as well as lots and lots of time for YOU…so that you can discover yourself and make of this retreat of exactly what you need at this time.

Our cozy lodging will provide us with beautiful wooden cottages Alpine style, that will provide the perfect space for you to rest enjoying the green surroundings. In the nearby Natural Park of Yanachaga Chemillen, you will enjoy of a natural pool of mountain spring water in the middle of the lush green jungle. And, if you want a little bit more action, our private park is equipped with trecking and mountain bike paths right next to the San Luis river, where you will enjoy nature and the best view of the Oxapampa valley.

A typical day can look something like this:

**Subject to change**

7:30am Wake Up

7:45am Pranayama / Meditation

8:00am Yoga class

10:00am Breakfast

11:00am Free time or Cultural trip or hike

2:00pm Lunch

4:30pm Workshop or group activity

7pm Dinner


subject to change

Day 1: Arrival and pick up from Jauja Airport and transfer to Altares Oxapampa Ecolodge (3.5 hours van ride). Welcome Ceremony and walk to Oxapampa Viewpoint with Campfire.

Day 2: Yoga and Meditation. Thetahealing Yoga and Meditation Workshop.

Day 3: Yoga and Meditation. Walk to the Tigre River Waterfall.

Day 4: Yoga and Meditation. Yoga Workshop: The world of investments.

Day 5: Yoga and Meditation. Walk to the Forest or Visit to the nearby town of Pozuzo.

Day 6: Yoga and Meditation. Closing Ceremony. Transportation to the Jauja Airport (3.5 hours van ride).



"I love movement, working with the body, and the consciousness that develops through working with the body and breathing to connect it with the mind and spirit."


"Through the practice of Yoga I found passion, inspiration, a way of living with awareness in the present moment".


From June 17 to 22, 2019 $750 per person


Round trip transportation to and from the Jauja airport

Daily morning meditation and mini sessions of Pranayama with Patricia.
Daily Classes of Ashtanga Yoga Traditional Mysore style or Therapeutic Ashtanga with Claudia and Patty.
2 workshops: Yoga and Meditation Thetahealing with Patty and The World of Investments with Claudia.
Yoga mats, towels, reinforcements and accessories.
All the foods.
Free WiFi in the club house.
Daily cleaning, organic bath products and other services in the room.
Excursion to the Mirador de Oxapampa.

Half day excursion to Quebrada San Luis private forest.

Half day trip to the Rio Tigre Waterfall.
Free time to walk, swim, dance, explore, nap, play or what your heart wants.

Not included
Any additional excursions or spa treatments

Write us at [email protected] or call us at  960-721-117 if you have any questions about the trip, how to register or anything else that may arise along the way. By reserving your space through your deposit with us, you accept the policies set forth in our agreement. Please, read all the details below.

Booking Terms & Conditions

A deposit of USD $500 is required to reserve your space with us or you can choose to pay the full amount. If you choose to make the deposit, the deadline to pay will be one month before the event (May 3 2019).

Note: Failure to make the full payment of the amount by May 3, 2019 will result in losing your space with us.

All deposits and credits are non-refundable. It will only be reimbursed if the withdrawal is canceled due to minimum reservations not met.


Oxapampa, a cattle and coffee-growing city, belongs to the natural region known as the high forest, since it is at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level. 80 km from the Oxapampa Valley and 800 meters above sea level, is the settlement of Pozuzo.

The province of Oxapampa has the Yanachaga Chemillén National Park (PNYCh) and the imposing Huancabamba canyon. On June 2, 2010, UNESCO declared the Yanachaga Chemillén National Park as the fourth biosphere reserve in the Oxapampa-Asháninka-Yanesha Biosphere Reserve, located in the province of Oxapampa, and its hillsides are also covered by an exuberant vegetation. heights of up to one thousand meters. When traveling it can be appreciated the falls of the Rayantambo, with falls of 30m of height.


YES. Please, just come.

Claudia and Patty are excellent instructors. The Ashtanga Mysore classes guided by Claudia are individual classes within a group context, and they are classes in which you will discover that you can go at your own pace, at the rhythm of your breathing. Claudia has a lot of experience working with students of different proportions and bodies. Classes will be easy to follow, discovering what is appropriate for each student, and giving you the freedom to let go of all those negative thoughts we have about yourself that are often our biggest obstacle.

The workshops will be opportunities for you to explore and perhaps to try to learn new things. No pressure! And, pranayama and meditation will be comforting for your body, mind, and spirit. This retreat is done to nourish your spirit in whatever way is necessary. We encourage you to participate in all the activities, but you have the power to make this retreat exactly what you want for yourself.

Do you want it to be a relaxing experience, with time to enjoy with friends? Sure.

Do you want to learn and refine your Asana practice? Sure

You want to learn to have more control and feel more comfortable in the handstand? Give it for granted too.

The Central Highway (Carretera Central) that starts in Lima, passes through the cities of La Oroya, Tarma, La Merced-Chanchamayo and reaches the city of Oxapampa and connects with the districts of the Selva Alta (Chontabamba, Huancabamba and Pozuzo).

The road climbs from the coast to 4,818m, where Ticlio is, the highest point of the road. This trip is recommended to be done in a car or van between at least two people. The road has many curves, but it is very attractive.

There is the possibility of traveling to Jauja by plane in 29 minutes (LAN / PERUVIAN) and for an additional cost to coordinate pick up from Jauja airport (duration Jauja - Oxapampa by land between 3.5 and 4 hours).

There are also 4 agencies with bus services with daily departures to Oxapampa.

In Tarma the temperature fluctuates between 6 ° C to 18 ° C. In La Merced it is between 25 ° C

Once you send us your deposit we will send you a list

Complete of things to pack (clothes and things for tropical weather).

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